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    The Lost Explorer Chapter 3


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    The Lost Explorer Chapter 3 Empty The Lost Explorer Chapter 3

    Post by Eutectoid on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:23 am

    [Chapter 3]
    Corned into my unfinished shelter I used my sword to slice the monsters, skeletons, giant spiders, zombies and upside down T shaped monsters attacked me, It is even daunting to think about those monsters.

    The upside T shaped monsters would violently explode and would blow up anything around it, I fought for hours and hours I couldnt bare to fight any longer but as morning came the zombies and skeletons would burn, the spiders would burrow underground and the upside down T monsters would disappear into thin air.

    It appears that the tide of monsters would all disappear to the time of the day, Deciding to leave my blown up shelter I sat down onto the edge of the plateau battered and wounded. This island is a dangerous one.

    To Be Continued

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