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    Post by I_Prod_I on Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:17 pm

    Username on Minecraft: I_Prod_I

    Age: 15

    Rough estimate of your time there so far:
    I started playing Foxin's servers about a month ago, I've played +/-8 hours a day completely addicted and I got no life lol! For the SMP however, I've played since the SMP was up, so about 4 days I think.

    What Timezone are you in: PST (Pacific Standard Time)

    An op is doing something you think is wrong. What do you do?:
    I will review the OP and see what is bothering him at the time. If he has griefed someones house, I will proceed to fix them, hopefully pixel perfect due to no /undo command. I will than help the OP with what is troubling him and help him cheer up and ask the OP to stop. If he does not, or is doing it for fun/boredom I will proceed to tell higher authority suck as dagger, Polak, and Foxin.

    You see someone griefing, yet no ops are available to help you, and you're not op yet. What do you do?:
    I will ask the griefer to stop, if he does not, I will tell higher authority while trying to do anything to stop/slow down the griefer. When the griefer is gone, I will proceed to help repair what has been griefed.

    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience):
    I have never been an OP+ on another Minecraft Server, however, I have been Co-Owner, Admin, and Mod on multiple RSPS's (Runescape Private Servers). I have a few recent ones listed below:

    Event-PKz (Co-Owner

    Project-Ecko (Admin)
    Weed Palace (Co-Owner)

    The reason why I WAS a Co-Owner and Admin on the two bottom listed servers is due to on Project-Ecko, the plays and staff are very abusive and don't care about were there server goes. All they care about is if they make money. Weed Palace was up for a nice long time over the summer of 2010. Than it closed down due to the owner being to busy to host the server and me not being able to port forward Sad.

    Event-Pkz is closing down soon due to funding errors and multiple scammers(taking money back after paying). We were not able to pay for the forums anymore and the VPS might soon be going down.

    What makes you better than the next advbuilder?:
    Well considering there are no adv builders on SMP, I will just pretend Very Happy. I think I feel I am better than the next Adv Builder for a few reasons. One of these reason are that I love to help people. If anyone ever needs help building, collecting supplies, or needs iron (I have a surplus of iron), I usually finish my current task than go on straight to helping them. However, if someone needs help because of a griefer, I will attempt to stop/slow down the griefer while trying to contact Foxin, Polak, or Dagger.

    What have you done to help this server so far, and/or how do you plan to help once you become an Operator?:
    If I become an OP+ I feel I can help make the server a better place.
    I can easily stop griefers and repair the object back to prime condition.

    Another Operator is pestering you, and you have the rank of Operator as well. What do you do?:
    I will immediatly message the OP and see what's wrong. If it's a disaster of some sort such as a dead friend, etc. I will help cheer them up and politely ask them to stop. If they do not stop and won't cheer up, I will ask a Admin to aid me in cheering him up or kicking him until he feels better. (Sometimes fresh air helps instead of pissing off others). If its for no reason or boredom, I will politely ask them to stop or report them to Foxin, Polak, or Dagger.

    What server are you applying for?: SMP

    Two words to describe you: Faithful, Trustworthy

    Signed: I_Prod_I

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    Post by AbsolutePolak on Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:16 pm

    since i have seen you on, and you are nice.

    *a light beam shines down on I_Prod_I and a booming voice says, "congratulations."*

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