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    Teh's Op Application


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    Teh's Op Application Empty Teh's Op Application

    Post by Teh on Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:30 pm

    Username on Minecraft:
    15, and in my Freshman year of High School.
    Rough estimate of your time there so far:
    3 months from yesterday (the 16th)
    What Timezone are you in:
    Central Standard Timezone
    An op is doing something you think is wrong. What do you do?:
    Explain to them why I think what they are doing is wrong and ask them to stop if possible. If they choose not to, I ask for a reason why, and if there is a way to compromise.
    You see someone griefing, yet no ops are available to help you, and you're not op yet. What do you do?:
    Short and Simple. Warning, Kick, TB15, TB30, etc until an Operator can come in and investigate.
    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience):
    I have been Operator on one other server, which is closed, called Demigod Freebuild 24/7, and I have been advbuilder(or whatever other ranks that are close to it), on too many to name. I through these servers, I gained many strategies for grief watching, building, etc. that has helped me out quite a bit on our server today.
    What makes you better than the next advbuilder?:
    I don't like saying I'm better than anyone, but since it's kinda required...
    I figure since I am older than (most) people who are on the server, even if it's by a few months, I have a bit better sense of maturity and responsibility. I feel like I am online the server a pretty decent amount of time each day, and can be considered a regular. I have been on grief watch constantly, and since the Winter Holidays start today for most people, grief watch is very crucial.

    What have you done to help this server so far, and/or how do you plan to help once you become an Operator?:
    I have been a big help with beginners to the server/Minecraft, I have grief watched almost everyday I have been on (again with that comment ;-; ), I have made friends with quite a few users, and I know my commands very well, and plan to use them for the good of the community. I also plan on, as Op, help out a lot more with our beginners, by being able to use /ban, /restore, etc.
    Another Operator is pestering you, and you have the rank of Operator as well. What do you do?:
    I would ask them why they were pestering me, and if they needed something from me. I would try my best to get done what the need me to get done. If they are just pestering me to pester me, I would politely ask them to stop, and continue with what I am doing. If it continues, I would ask them to stop once more, and if it still persists, I would report to a Super Operator(or higher..) to investigate.
    What server are you applying for?:
    Minecraft Classic
    Two words to describe you:
    Trick Question
    Allen Barnes

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    Teh's Op Application Empty Re: Teh's Op Application

    Post by TheFoxin on Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:15 pm

    Temp op.
    We'll see how you do. Grats Very Happy

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