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    ml97 application for op'


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    ml97 application for op' Empty ml97 application for op'

    Post by ml97 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:54 am

    Username on Minecraft:ml97


    Rough estimate of your time there so far:12 weeks

    What Timezone are you in:+1

    An op is doing something you think is wrong. What do you do?:ask him him to stop doing wrong

    You see someone griefing, yet no ops are available to help you, and you're not op yet. What do you do?:tell him to stop if not i jail/kick/tb

    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience):! pxmn free builder ! i was co owner

    What makes you better than the next advbuilder?:im nice.i can build,.im helpfull

    What have you done to help this server so far, and/or how do you plan to help once you become an Operator?:i have helped noob howthis game work and i will pr if its a good builder guest

    Another Operator is pestering you, and you have the rank of Operator as well. What do you do?:tell him to stop

    What server are you applying for?:free build

    Two words to describe you:gamer and nice

    Signed:Ml97 Very Happy

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    ml97 application for op' Empty Re: ml97 application for op'

    Post by TheFoxin on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:49 pm


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