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    Acheron Railway System [In Progress]


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    Acheron Railway System [In Progress] Empty Acheron Railway System [In Progress]

    Post by StootiGee on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:20 pm

    It is happening now!
    The Acheron Underground Railway System is a work in progress! At the moment it is still in very early work, with only the station near the spawn ready. I would ask everyone to put a 5x5 X facing upwards next to their place, so I can plan which way the tracks will go.

    Information on the AURS:

    Underground hallway format:


    The 0s represent air, while 1 is rock. At the bottom of the hallway, there is a barrier seperating the incoming and ongoing railway tracks. For the moment, I am lining the entire length of the barrier with torches - I'll think about making it fancier later.

    Grand Central Station:
    Consists of four tracks. The East Lines and West Lines. Each Lines has two tracks, one called Line and the other called Return Line.

    Planning Method:
    Using the Minecraft Dynamic Map I will look out for the Xs and plan the route of the track. At the initial focus on the map, 4 milimetres on my screen is around 10 blocks.

    Acheron has Minecart Mania, and I will be making full use of that.

    If anyone is willing to help that would be much appreciated.

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    Acheron Railway System [In Progress] Empty Re: Acheron Railway System [In Progress]

    Post by Rdog_11 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:57 pm

    My place is way to far away from everything else for this. It's secluded. I wouldn't be able to find it on the map if I didn't mark it with a man-made pond thing.

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