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    The Lost Explorer Chapter 1


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    The Lost Explorer Chapter 1 Empty The Lost Explorer Chapter 1

    Post by Eutectoid on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:51 am

    I awoke on the coast of a densely forested island. Unsure of my surroundings, I climbed the tallest tree I could and looked around.

    [Chapter 1]
    I spotted a clearing in the forest, openning to an expansive cave network undernearth the Island. I decided that it would serve as a suitable home so I let myself work making it so.

    However, I would learn that I wasnt alone on this island, As my home was quickly assailed by monsters living in the darkest parts of the cave. Catching me off guard, I was forced to fight them off with nothing but my woodcutting axe.

    I immediately walled off my makeshift home, preventing another attack. It had become apparent that this cave wasnt safe for prolonged settlement. I gathered up some supplies and stored them in a tiny cobblestone house, In hopes that those supplies will be useful to any other traveller that stumble upon them.

    To be Continued

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