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    Post by StootiGee on Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:09 am

    StootiGee's Todo List
    Happening now
    - Create the SMP Public Transport System
    - Have the Constitution of Acheron become official
    Planning or waiting.
    - Create vid to promote Acheron (Need fraps...)

    What up Gee? I decided I'd make a blog for all you peeps out there who wanted to stalk an amatuer gamer's Minecraft life. I do classic creative, SMP and SP Survival. Me and my various adventures (and failures bahahah).

    Day 1 17th Dec
    Logged onto the SMP but lately lag has been stopping me from doing anything. I think alot of people are having this problem as no-one is ever on. Also download a single player Inventory Editor, an interesting tool to experiment with things on Singleplayer. Brother is now addicted to Minecraft, so we kinda have to share computers because his computer can't handle it :/. Going to start designing a new skin.

    Day 2 18th Dec
    The SMP is still lagging for me, resorted to using TNT to blast my way down to the bedrock in singleplayer. I looked through some mods but I'm not exactly sure how to intall them, and some say you won't be able to use SMP after installing them. I did find an awesome mod which lets you use bookcases to store books which you can write in! That would be an awesome mod to have on the SMP but it hasn't been finished yet. My bro's singleplayer place is going good, it's bloody huge. He's mined so much he has trouble getting back to where his main base is. I introduced him to signs.

    Day 2 Part 18th Dec
    I think Minecraft.net is down or something, I can't change my skin (if I'm lucky enough to connect to the server) or logout. So now I can't join multiplayer :/. I am thinking about a new design for the ACHERON FREEBUILD sign on our classic server. Hopefully Fox will like it
    Beta is only three days away now!

    Foxin: Only 2 days now

    Day 3 19th Dec
    Began working on my new skin, inspiration from shuffling. I also made a whole bunch of traps and blew up stuff with logic gates. The possiblities if Notch made a Redstone Circuit Block would be endless... And really dangerous. Thinking of putting a single block of TNT into the ground below my bro's floor, so if he decides to mine it he may set it off and bewm.

    I got ranked on the freebuild server to Trusted! But I can't change my own title Sad. That sign in freebuild looks terrible. I am thinking about the design of the new one, which I KNOW Foxin will like. A bit more emphasis on the A of Acheron it needs(I put my arty hat on). I completed a reusable trap involving going into a room and setting of a chain of events which lead up to lava pouring into the room you are in and burning you to death. My skin is starting to take shape now, maybe even a team emblem too!

    Day 4 20th Dec
    I got online this morning and went to see if Beta brought any changes... It didn't. I read his blog and apparently he'll be updating from today or something like that. I'm GMT 10+ I get it on the 21st :/ So I made a huge explosion instead. Didn't go well. I accidentaly set of the whole thing when I was next to it so it crashed. But thankfully half of the explosives remained, so I continued. I then recorded the whole thing... It wasn't recording. However, I did get a Cartograph picture where you can see the massivness of the explosion!
    StootiGee's Blog Cartog10
    As you can see (hopefully) in the upper area there are many many torches. These mark where the explosion has affected! It was a fairly big 10x10x10. Big boom, it sure was. I used redstone to set it off from a distance because if I am too close, it lags ALOT.
    That location of the firing bunker is I think the single torch between the explosion and the little lava patch. I have had various experiments happen in that world.
    I have finished my design for both the Acheron Banner on the maps and my skin! Hip hip hooray! I also put forward my idea to Fox that we should have a YouTube account, for both hosting videos and to help promote our community. I think I might have to make a little something to encourage that idea. Also Fox said the A in the Acheron Freebuild banner I made may become our emblem.

    Day 5 21st Dec
    Well, got up this morning and found Beta was well and truly alive.
    And well, there wasn't really a whole bunch of change. Leaf decay, throwable eggs, clan cloaks and some other mysterious item. Oh well, it's a start on a journey to a bigger and better Beta. Anyway, I have begun planning a Cryo Freezing Facility for the freebuild, it might even be a story walkthrough... I'm not sure. Might want to look out for that once the Builder map is reset.
    Also Fox and I were looking at symbols for us, and we found it was a bit hard to get it on looking good. So I proposed we change our name, to something maybe like Acheron Builder's Union (ABU). Anyways, I also begun building the CFF. My bro's world is coming up well. He's got a HUGE railway system, filled with boosters but he gets pretty annoyed because sheep and cows are always on the tracks ahahaha. Checked out some of Moopy's stuff - AMAZING. I think it's builder2 where he's got his small town. What he makes is so good.
    Also a new craze is going around the server titles. $name. It shows your name in place of it, so some idiots make $name is a Griefer, deterring people from our server. Oh well, hopefully it will die away sometime.

    Day 6 22nd Dec
    The CFF is going well, had to reshape a bit but it should be fine. Bobo took Poopboy and myself on a guided tour of the backups in his world. Some interesting stuff. Also some random came onto the server talking as if he owned it, Mapsapper or something. Bit weird I think. Anyway, Ev was trying to confuse everyone in the rules section, so I decided I'd use alot of the spare time I have to write the Acheron Constitution. Also I was thinking, are we Acheronian or Acheronites. The (proposed) Constitution is in Minecraft->General, check it out. I saw moopy's bot in action. It was interesting. He'd paste the structure, then add alot to it, working in tandem with the bot. I also went to dagger's submarinebay, interesting. And also kingdom still hasn't changed, only an enterance has been added, Teh has said Trusted people can build, but it's kinda hard to think up of something because there is nothing there at the moment. Also I have begun making my signature, however it seems it doesn't come up when you post stuff... Don't know. Gonna make it anyways Very Happy. My bro is soooo addicted to Minecraft. Any opportunity he gets to play it, POW, he's there. I came up with an idea in that the Minecraft applicatino is easily findable, just search Minecraft in the files. so I renamed my copy Blocky and, if my bro gets annoying, I'll delete the shortcut so that way he can't play on his beloved world. I am so evil. I'm also planning a pretty big sign for Acheron, still working on the font and stuff but is should look pretty good.

    Day 7 23rd Dec
    Finally, the forum has been fixed. The owner of Forumotion did some stuff with the forums coding and stuff so it wouldn't work for me. Anyway, today I finished the Acheron sign, check it out on adv. Well, since it's so late, I really can't remember anything... However I did have a sikk dancing session with Moli on Bobo's map where he loaded up some kind of massive pagola type building. It was random. Work has begun on Teh's Kingdom, but he has used "megaboid" to redo the glass into grass, so the server is lagging fairly badly. I read up about minecraft boosting, interesting stuff. Also the Beta got updated, and it is now at _02 I think. Anyways, my sig is coming along... But still needs a bit of refinement and stuff. Teh also gave the go for building, but it's a bit hard because no-one else has begun building, nor are there any plans for roads. So you're really out on your own when It comes to placement and what you'll actually build.

    Day 8 24th Dec
    Pretty hectic day, you know the deal. Anyway, apparently the freebuild isn't up nor is the SMP. Fail. Oh well, working on my sig it is. And Fox made us the Acheron Builders' Union! Yay! Now I have to change that in the Constitution LOL.

    Day 9 25th Dec santa
    Being Christmas I didnt really play much. And both freebuild and SMP are STILL down, so I wrote a mini story in Random, about a skeleton's life.

    Day 10 26th Dec
    Foxin said that he changed the server software to MCForge. And I can't connect to it. Sooo... Beta SP it is for me. Another explosion perhaps, or making some kind of PvP trap to pwn. But I decided against that and World 5 is now my home. Got some pretty sikk carttracks around, boosters are working well. The freebuild and the SMP are still not working, pretty screwed. Also I checked the stats and my blog is the third most viewed page, beaten by the rules and The First Thing That Comes To Mind. Thankyou all you stalkers out there! Very Happy

    Day 11 27th Dec
    As all of you have probably now noticed, both the freebuild and the SMP aren't working. So I've been messing about in singleplayer. I made a huge double storey house, with water and lava and stuff. And then I saved it into a seperate world and burnt it Smile. It was pretty cool. At the end there was just some stone at the bottom and yeah. But seriously, both of our servers are down? Come on. Not very good for our server numbers. I downloaded the Mixcraft texture pack for Beta, looks pretty good. My bro loves the glass. I also downloaded elemental arrows (having already downloaded Risugami's Mod Loader) and its pretty good. Although explosive arrows are just mass pothole leavers and egg arrows spawn chickens everywhere. Fire arrows are one shot one kill, however spiders seem rather stronger than I anticipated. I had a bit of trouble getting it to work! The minecraft.jar was there, didn't work and stuff, got the black screen. I alsoo found a minecraft-1.1_0.2.jar in there so I used that. Eventually it worked, however the bookmod I downloaded seemed to be giving me the black screen - perhaps it is not Beta ready. Had a bit of fun burning mobs. Also it help with setting trees on fire. If you set trees on fire, there is like a 70% chance it will become and eternal fire, making it light the place up. My map is covered in these lights, so I have never had a bad mob make it up to my place. They do enter the pretty big lit area, but I enjoy making them burn. I also copied my brother's world (World 2) to World 4 and burnt it down to the ground. It was fun watching it burn. I also had some pretty epic music playing in the backround so it added to the atmosphere.

    Day 12 28th Dec
    Well guys, don't expect to hear from me for the next for weeks. Hopefully the SMP and Freebuild are back up by then, and some pretty awesome Beta updates. Guess where I'm going farao

    Day 35 20th Jan
    Back from my holiday. Yeah. I went on Freebuild, now there's a Russia. Went and posted A suggestion for the SMP. I feel we really need this and need support for this. Then the client updated something and now I can't connect to Freebuild OR SMP. This is not good. Did some more experimenting on Beta and found the new update. It's OK.

    Day 36 21st Jan
    minecraft.net is being really annoying, can't connect to SMP and need to replace the minecraft.jar file for the client. There is no downloads button. Seriously, I reckon that's cheap how minecraft.net with all of this money can't keep a site up and running, well. I did find the downloads page through google, but it says the minecraft.jar file no longer exists.
    I did manage to get onto SMP, tell Fox about my plans for the railway system.

    But, you know what? Since I was gone, people stopped looking at this blog. So, from now on. This is now discontinued.

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    Sorry for starting the $name madness, lol.

    And nice diary blog.

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