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    Non Guests building in the Guest map.

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    Non Guests building in the Guest map. Empty Non Guests building in the Guest map.

    Post by Lordpsycho on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:27 am

    Recently, ive notice a lot of trusted/Builder/ADV building in the guest map.

    Now, I thought tha rules were Only guests are allowed to build there?

    I understand about the like new builders who dont know to yet, But what about peopel like tammer? Who are trusted but yet, i log on and he has this cross build, with a cave hidden undernither.

    Sorry but tammer should know better by now should he not? And i believe that rule shoudl be enforced more. Other then lest say helpign a guest out, liek i've set up a few portals for a guest to make going into his pyramid easier, but i didn't build an entire build.

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