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    Donor! Empty Donor!

    Post by TheFoxin on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:42 pm

    Got that extra cash lying around? Dont know what to do with it? Might as well throw it out, right?!
    Why not send a gift to Acheron! Home of the lame salesman, TheFoxin!

    Lol but seriously I added a new rank called 'Donor'.
    It is under 'Trusted' in permissions, but it has all the 'Trusted' commands and even more of its own.
    Donors can now:
    -use adminium
    -get their OWN maps
    And more. I'll let you find out some of the other things you can do after you send us your gift. Wink
    If we can collect enough money, then we'll be shooting for a VPS to host the freebuild server on. That would mean almost no lag, much more possible connections, and nearly 0% downtime.
    All we're asking for is just $7 USD. Very Happy

    Note: For legal purposes, i am calling it a gift not a donation since there is a difference. And since you decided to send us a gift, maybe i feel a little generous and give you a rank, say... Donor? Wink
    No refunds.
    Donate <--- Click that.

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