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    My application for op?


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    My application for op? Empty My application for op?

    Post by Graceful on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:51 pm

    Username on Minecraft:Graceful

    Age: 15 going on 16

    Rough estimate of your time there so far: atleast 3 months

    What Timezone are you in: EST

    An op is doing something you think is wrong. What do you do?: Report it on the forum for TheFoxin or Maikel to see

    You see someone griefing, yet no ops are available to help you, and you're not op yet. What do you do?: Warn them and Then place notification on forum

    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience): None

    What makes you better than the next advbuilder?: I bring a new perspective to the freebuild

    What have you done to help this server so far, and/or how do you plan to help once you become an Operator?: Help Guests/Builders Etc. with Griefers in the guest map

    Another Operator is pestering you, and you have the rank of Operator as well. What do you do?: File a complaint to TheFoxin

    What server are you applying for?:
    Two words to describe you:
    Educated and TOOmessedUPforWORDS
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    My application for op? Empty Re: My application for op?

    Post by Rdog_11 on Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:29 pm

    Post this in the new forums .

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